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Personalized spa & beauty services, only at LeVonne de Spa. We offer reservation only spa & beauty services that are designed specifically for our guests. Enjoy European facials, peels, waxing, Microblading, professional eyelash extensions, aromatherapy, spa pedicures, manicures, gel polish, acrylic and gel nails, essential oil body relaxation therapy and salon services.








Showcased in NAILS, NAILPRO, Innovative Health, ONYX MAG, Oakland Press, etc.  A distinctive spa with lovely treatment rooms, shower, Crystal-Clean pipeless pedi-thrones, dual nail table, dining/party area, fireplace and hair salon. Ideal for leisure seekers and travelers.

(RESERVATION ONLY) AUTUMN HOURS: VIP Member Tuesday. 1-5, Wed. 12-7, Thurs. 10-4, Fri. 10-5, Sat. 8-3


Spa Questions? We Have Answers.

Questions? We Have Answers.


How and when should I reserve my spa appointment?
Our spa retreat is exclusive, thus our spa services are very popular during certain hours. Advanced reservations prior to your arrival is mandatory. so you can secure your preferred date and time of treatment. Use our shopping basket for purchasing any of the services we offer.  Use the reservation request button on the 'Home Page' to secure your spa appointment. A completed on-line spa service transaction is required prior to your submission of the reservation request form. This guarantees the service slot(s). No refunds are issued for any service or spa product, spa creditswill will be given in cases of appropriately executed cancellations. A minimum of 48 business hours prior to your scheduled service reserve to is required.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel my appointment?
Simply ca
ll us in well in advance. We need 48 hours' cancellation notice to help us reschedule your appointment, subject to space availability. Any cancellation with less than 48 hours' notice will incur a 100% cancellation fee. We're sorry but full charges and loss of credit and rescheduling privileges will be imposed for a "no-show".

When should I arrive for my treatment?
If this is your first visit, please arrive at least 15-20 minutes earlier to allow yourself time to change and familiarize yourself with the spa. Arriving late will shorten your session, in order to avoid delaying the next spa guest. Moreover, you'll receive less of the benefits and pleasures of our treatments if you arrive late. 

Is there someone to help me decide on the most suitable treatments or therapies?
If you have difficulty deciding on a treatment, discuss your needs with our reception staff. They'd be more than happy to recommend suitable treatments that'll match your goals. If this is your first visit, try one of our comprehensive packages. If you prefer, our reception staff would be pleased to help you plan a program. Call us to discuss this matter in detail.

Is there a limit to the number of treatments I can have in a day?
You can have as many as the spa schedule will allow. But, do try to be sensible and vary the type of teatment. For example, if you're having waxing services, you may want to schedule a salt body scrub for another visit. It would be advisable to schedule a Body Wrap or other treatment which does not involve salts or topical alcohols and/or astringents. You can plan different treatments back to back, but avoid exfoliating more than once in a day. Our reception staff would be glad to suggest the best order for your treatments. Call us to discuss.

What if I have special health considerations and/or conditions?
If you have high blood pressure, hypertension, allergies, heart conditions, are pregnant or have any other medical or physical ailments or disabilities, please consult your doctor before booking any spa services. Once you've been cleared by your doctor, be sure to notify our spa receptionist when booking your treatments. Please make our therapist aware of your condition, and any recent trauma or surgery you've had before she begins your treatment. If you have any concerns at all, please let us know.

What other information should I share with the therapist?
All spa visitors are required to fill out a 'spa information sheet' to give the spa
therapist relavent information about you. We strongly suggest that any additional information be given to a spa manager or spa therapist. Your likes and dislikes, skin allergies (especially if you are having a facial or body service) or medication you are taking is very important to your overall spa experience. If you are currently menstruating or have had a recent surgery or injury or invasive body treatment, such as laser skin therapy, be sure to let the spa therapist know, so  her or she can adjust your treatment accordingly. You could also share your preferences e.g. pressure, silence, conversatiton for massage sessions, essential oils, fragrance and let them know your skin type.   

Should deep tissue massage hurt?
Since the primary goal of this deep tissue massage is to release muscle tension, pain is counterproductive. Discomfort or pain tolerance varies from person to person. Different areas being worked on can also have different tolerance levels. We encourage all massage participants to 'speak up'. A skilled massage therapist will gently and gradually work through the layers of muscle and tissue, lengthening and loosening the various muscles as he or she works.  It is imperative that you drink at least 32 oz. of water after any massage to minimize muscle discomfort. The therapist will be checking with you aurally to ensure that the pressure is not too intense or deep. The level of intensity should range from 'feels so good' to 'hurts so good' but should never be downright painful. Please communicate with your massage therapist regarding what is comfortable.


How long should I use the spa shower?
When used in correctly and in moderation, spa showers are beneficial before or after most spa treatments. The water warms your muscles and begins the relaxation process, and 5-8 minutes is an average shower time.  Though a steamy spa shower is effective in opening pores and wonderful for the respiratory system, it is very drying to the skin. However, feel free to adjust the temperature to your comfort level.


Should men shave before their Facials?
We suggest that men shave a few hours before their facial appointments, rather than just before.

Is there a way for me to send one of the fabulous LéVonne de Spa treatments as a gift?
You can send them a Spa Gift Certificate. Gift Certificates for our spa service treatments are valid for 12 months, and make fantastic gifts for dear ones. Check out our Instant Spa Gift Certificates.


Should I bring jewelry and valuables with me?
Please, do not bring jewelry and valuables into the spa, as we will not assume any responsibility. If you inadvertently bring them along, please secure them in your vehicle. We recommend that no jewelry be worn at the spa. Again, we're sorry, but the management accepts no responsibility for the loss of money or loss or damage of valuables of any kind brought into the spa premises.