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Summer Packages 2018








Distinctive spa, salon & permanent makeup services that make you feel confident about how look and feel. Enjoy services in lovely treatment rooms, private shower, Crystal-Clean pipeless pedi-thrones, dining/party area, fireplace, nail lounge, hair salon. Ideal for leisure seekers/ travelers. Showcased in NAILS, NAILPRO, Innovative Health, ONYX MAG, Oakland Press, Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Magazine, etc.

 2018 SPA HOURS: VIP Tues 1-5, Wed 12-7, Thurs & Fri 10-5, Sat 8-3, Sunday AM by special reservation.

Massage Therapy

Each therapy slot includes: 5 minutes for greeting & disrobing and concludes with 5 minutes for redressing & recommendations. Example: 50 minute custom massage session consists of 5 minutes for greeting and disrobing, then a 50 min. massage; and 5 minutes for redressing & recommendations. Total: 60 mins.

Prior to finalizing your pampering spa service purchase please review our spa policy regarding refunds and adjustments.  View our Spa Policies.  Services/packages are non-refundable. All products sales are final.

Remember You Must Drink Water

It's crucial to drink plenty of water prior and after your massage visit. Water hydrates the body's tissues on a cellular level, encouraging the system to cleanse itself and function more effectively. Similar to drinking water prior to fitness workout, well-watered muscles (even the face) respond better to the activating pressures of massage, allowing the therapist to work more deeply. Sufficient hydration encourages the removal of toxins. So, flush your system! Enjoy compliments on your skin's good looks, feeling rested and the serenity of it all. So, drink up and enjoy a massage!

* Please inform the receptionist of your preference of male or female therapist, if any.
** Please inform your massage therapist of your desired conversation level and gender perference.  This is essential so as to allow ensure your service comfort.

Sleep Inducing Massage (75 min)

A proven and effective massage technique utilizing a combination rare an imported essential oils which provide stress relief and mental driftability. This massage uses gentle and flowing massage manipulation. This is a resort level spa experience sure to calm the busiest minds.

Special Online Price:  $155.00
List Price:  $185.00
You Save:  $30.00


Swedish Massage (unscented oil or cream)
(No deep or firm pressure or essential oils - 50 and 75 min)
A long and fluid stroke massage which envelopes the body tender care. Perfect for anyone requiring a soothing light touch or suffer from Fibromyagia.  Just what the doctor ordered!

50 Min. On-line Price:  $89.00
List Price:  $99.00
You Save:  $10.00


75 Min. On-line Price:  $130.00
List Price:  $145.00
You Save:  $15.00



Sooth your mind and body with a Lavender Massage
Aroma-Relaxation Therapeutic Massage
(Essential oils included -  50, 90 mn)

The relaxing effects of essential oils and Therapeutic massage is amazing. Your body is the prefect receptacle for this mind and body soothing therapy. Essential oil combined with therapeutic massage calms the entire body and mind effectively. It also erases dry skin, calms itching and leaves your muscles incredibly relaxed.  A combination of massage techniques are used during this therapy. You will experience with this pure solace with this therapeutic spa massage.

50 Min. On-line Price:  $89.00
List Price:  $99.00
You Save:  $10.00


90 Min. On-line Special Price:  $155.00
List Price:  $165.00
You Save:  $10.00



Combined techniques...complete relaxation
The Signature Massage (Combination Therapy)
Trained in a variety of massage techniques our therapists will create a massage specifically designed for you using techniques to allow your body to surrender to this massage's healing benefits. Soothing the body and help problem areas which cause distress is our specialty. Your therapy will incorporate a selection from the following five techniques: NO DEEP TISSUE
    • Hot Stone
    • Relaxation
    • Assisted Stretching
    • Essential Oil Infusion
    • Warm Bamboo
    • Pressure Point

      Our Signature massage also promotes healing by increasing blood flow and circulation throughout the body. Another benefit: relaxation and pain relief arrives more quickly because twice the work is being done to the body. That gives the recipient more time to really the feel the tranquility of the massage. Don't wait, experience this massage for yourself. It's just what the body ordered!
      On-line Price:  $140.00
      List Price:  $155.00
      You Save:  $20.00


      Soothes aching muscles and joints

      Hot Stone Massage

      You'll float away as smooth, heated volcanic stones are used to melt tension and release tight muscles.This ancient combination of tissue/muscle manipulation combined with the power of lava stones, essential oils allows for complete relaxation through penetrating magnetic warmth. Their rejuvenating effects improve circulation producing feelings of well being, contentment and solace. Rid yourself of body aches and stiffness and even stress/tension headaches...experience the healing power of stones.


      50 Min. On-line Special Price:  $140.00
      List Price:  $155.00
      You Save:  $15.00




      90 Min. On-line Special Price:  $199.00
      List Price: $225.00
      You Save:  $26.00



      Get Stoned....Together!
      Muscle Relief Therapy Massage
      (50 min)

      Experience our unique approach in relieving muscular discomfort.  Perfect for after a work out or strenuous activity.  This combination of tissue/muscle manipulation combined with the power of Personalized Essential OIl Infusion allows muscle tension to melt away. This package improves circulation, produces feelings of well being, well being and much needed relief.

      On-line  Price:  $155.00
      List Price:  $165.00
      You Save:  $10.00



      Hot Stone Foot Massage...Ahhh
      Hot Stone Coconut & Tahitian Vanilla Oil Massage
      (75 min)

      The exquisite French Polynesian Monoi de Tahiti oil and coconut make this massage exceptionally soothing.  You will love the aroma as well as the anti-aging benefits coconut bestows to your entire body. The warmth of the lava stones and flowing massage strokes will melt away stress and leave you feeling calm and restored. Let your mind go and just enjoy this wonderful spa massage treatment...you won't forget it any time soon. Promise.


      On-line Price:  $165.00
      List Price:  $185.00
      You Save:  $20.00



      Experienced loss? Try this wonderful massage.

      Grieving & Loss Massage

      (50 min.)

      This holistic massage is designed to ease the mental and physical stresses that personal loss creates in the mind and body.  A therapist will create a prescriptive blend of imported oils from around the globe specifically suited for the individual who has experienced the loss.

      Most individuals experience a mental relief or a 'lifted' feeling in both mind and body, as if a great weight has been removed. It is common for body aches to dissapate and an improved  quality of sleep is common to experience after the massage.


      On-line Price:  $130.00
      List Price:  $145.00
      You Save:  $15.00



      Hot Stone & Bamboo Massage

      (50 min.)

      A soul soothing, anti-inflammatory, core warming massage  which produces a very relaxed feeling. The tactile feel of the bamboo stalks gives the therapist just enough pressure and depth  to create an incredible massage stoke. Your body will be lulled into relaxation. Muscle tension will disappear and the body's microcirculation will be increased. This spa treatment which feels wonderful!


      On-line Price:  $135.00
      List Price:  $150.00
      You Save:  $15.00



      Migraine Headache Massage

      (60 min. + rest time)

      This massage was specially designed for "Headache pain".  Whether migraine, stress related, muscle tension, relief is expedient and the results are liberating.  Prescriptive essential oils, heated volcanic stones and multiple massage techniques are used to combat headache pain. If you have a headache now, you won't for long with this wonderful massage therapy. This session allows for a 'rest period' after the massage.

      * This therapy is not for a headache that has progressed to the "crisis level" (vomiting, vertigo, temporary blindness). If you have these symptoms please seek emergency care in a local hospital.

      On-line Price:  $155.00
      List Price:  $165.00
      You Save:  $10.00


      Headache & Sciatic Massage
      Back Pain & Sciatic Massage

      (60 min)

      This massage was especially designed for Lower Back & Sciatic pain.  These problem areas are prone to stress related muscle tension, and massage provides expedient relief. Measurable results leave you feeling renewed, rested and relieved. Prescriptive level strength essential oils, are formulated to address specific body needs. Effective massage techniques combined with the healing effects of  warmed volcanic stones are used to combat body pain. If you have a headache or lower back / sciatic pain now, you won't for long with this liberating therapy.

      * This therapy is NOT recent severe injury or for a sciatic / lower back pain that has progressed to the "crisis level" (nausea, vomiting, dizziness, severe loss of mobility). Please seek medical attention via your family physician, Urgent care or emergency room assistance.

      On-line Price:  $155.00
      List Price:  $165.00
      You Save:  $10.00


      Headache & Sciatic Massage
      Bamboo & Rose de Mai Anti-Cellulite Massage

      (60 min)

      A technique of using gently heated stalks of smooth bamboo with imported Rose de Mai Oil which repairs skin, calms the nervous system, and high antioxidants smooth skin and release  unwanted cellulite. Your body will melt on the table as soothing heat penetrates muscles eases areas of underlying tension and stress. (Stress triggers fat production) This massage feels and smells absolutely wonderful. You’ll feel relaxed, luxuriously smooth and ready to wear your favorite outfit!

      *This massage is for those who prefer a medium depth touch


      On-line Price:  $175.00
      List Price:  $185.00
      You Save:  $10.00


      Headache & Sciatic Massagebaba
      Arnica Muscle Relief Body Therapy & Massage

      (90 min)

      A dual stage premiere soft tissue massage (pressure is individualized for each guest). Intergrating the anti-inflammatory factors of an arnica, eucalyptus and juniper body serum wrap, combined with a warm herbal butter massage which substantially reduces muscle pain and joint stiffness.  Perfect for after a stenuous activitiy or workout where muscles are strained and/or overused.

      *NOT for those who prefer a light touch


      Online Price:  $175.00
      List Price:  $199.00
      You Save:  $24.00


      Necks & backs love hot stone massage!

      Hot Stone Neck, Shoulder & Back Massage

      (50 min) with Essential Oils to relieve muscle discomfort

      This massage targets a trouble spot for many. Soothing, warm, and lulling neck and back massage will rid your body of the 'my aching neck & back' blues using essential oils, relaxation and therapueitc tissue work.  Various size heated volcanic stones are used rid the body of aches and pains. Various essential oils to reduce inflammation and unwanted fluids. Let your mind drift and enjoy this warm, wonderful massage therapy.

      On-line Price:  $125.00
      List Price:  $135.00
      You Save:  $10.00


      Nothing like a good Reflexology foot massage

      Aromatherapy Hand, Leg & Foot Massage

      (30 min)

      Essential oils and reflexology are combined to deliver a relaxing experience perfect for people who work with thier hands and/or on their feet. This is not an acupressure or shiatsu massage. This technique involves the application of manual pressure to specific points or areas of the feet called "vita flex" or "reflex points" believed to correspond to various parts of the body. It relieves pain and  and tension in hands and feet. Just sit back relax and tack a little snooze.

      On-line Price:  $55.00
      List Price:  $65.00
      You Save:  $10.00